Time Trial GS Henley Club Championships, Sep 20th 2020

2020 G.S. Henley Club Championships – Sep 20th
Our one and only time trial of 2020 – with cash prizes!

At the start of the year we booked a programme of 10 mile time trial events on the local course. Every single one has been cancelled due to the pandemic. We have one left on Sunday September 20th.

I’m asking every GS Henley member to give it a go.

Before you think of an excuse – smothered in self-consciousness/ fearful of getting a bad time/ not enough time to train – please stop and think. GS Henley isn’t only a club for the social cyclist – we’re for people who are ready to try their best to be better, faster and stronger. So think of doing a TT as something you would do for yourself. You will learn more about how to be a better cyclist in a single ‘race of truth’ than in ten club rides…

Since we only have one shot at it this year, we’re shaking up the formula.

This will be the ‘2020 Club Championships’. It will take place on the H10/2 course:https://www.strava.com/segments/1337502 First bike will leave at 9:00am, with one minute start intervals thereafter.

There will be separate men’s and women’s competitions. Each will be split into three age groups (up to 45, 45-55, 55+). Top three in each age group receive £50, £30, £20 respectively, and top three overall receive the same amount. (That means the fastest man and fastest woman each receive £100). £5 for entry to cover the event insurance.

Prizes will be handed over at our AGM, which will be an outdoor even this year on a date to be advised (due to pandemic restrictions).

The rules (to make it as fair as possible for all members):
* To qualify for prize money it will be road bikes only. (If you want to ride a TT bike you can take part, but won’t qualify for a prize).
Only Henley members registered as fully paid up on August 31st are eligible to enter the prize fund – others can take part but they don’t qualify for money.
* Separate shorts and jerseys only – no skinsuits.
No disc wheels.
No tribars.

And you must use a switched-on (flashing or continuous) red rear light.

Since I’m hopeful we’ll have a good turn out, could you please let me know by email (or respond to this Facebook post) if you intend to have a go. (We will accept entries on the day, but we’d like to get a feel of what will happen).

And if anyone wants to help at the start or the finish, then please let me know – but we’ll try and organise it so that you can also ride the event.

Let’s have some fun!


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