Result : ORRL – Round 1 – Charlbury ITT (H38/18)

A new addition to the Oxfordshire Road Race League this year, on Sunday Oxonians CC hosted the opening round with an individual Time Trial on road bikes on the undulating H36/18 course, up to the north of Blenheim Palace. We entered a team of 6 riders;

  • Paul Elcock
  • Chris Bartley
  • Dan Marett
  • Joe Edwards
  • Harvey Weinberger
  • Pete Ganderton

Conditions on the day were surprisingly good for early April…17-18’C and bright sunshine, with a mild breeze from the East (which picked up as the day went on). The ORRL event was set off after the Open event, with start times from 10am to 11am.

The start to the day was full of drama…Chris had to unfortunately drop out after succumbing to food poisoning, and on the morning Harvey had a mechanical nightmare, with his rear mech cable snapping, and the front refusing to shift on the start line (causing him to miss his start slot while we forced the front mech to work, to at least give him a choice of 2 gears!). Paul meanwhile had to have a late swap to a spare front wheel after a puncture…hardly ideal warm-up conditions (and it also caused me to forget to take any photos!)

…however everyone stepped up to the plate, and put in sterling performances! Paul went from a very nearly DNS to a comprehensive win, by nearly 5 minutes over second place! Dan put in a strong performance in his first ever TT to take 4th place, closely followed by Pete and Joe in 5th and 6th respectively. Special mention should go to Harvey, who completed the course in 1h37 on 2 gears, which would have placed him 8th before a rather harsh time penalty was applied for missing his start time (particularly harsh as he actually set off in Chris’s slot). It’s also worth pointing out that Paul’s winning time would have placed him second in the Open event where everyone was using full TT rigs, it was a genuinely classy ride that he put in.

So, GS Henley picked up the win, and won the team award as well. It certainly felt like victory in the face of adversity after all the drama at the start, and there were a lot of weary bodies sitting around afterwards as we waited for the results. Huge thanks and congratulations to Oxonians CC as well for running the event alongside their Open TT.

Full Results

1Paul ElcockMGS Henley01:27:38
2Greg FitzekMCowley Road Condors01:33:25
3Anthony TurnerMMickey Cranks01:33:54
4Dan MarettMGS Henley01:34:40
5Pete GandertonMGS Henley01:35:21
6Joe EdwardsMGS Henley01:36:33
7Adam WhitfieldMOutdoor Traders01:36:53
8Matt ThomasMCowley Road Condors01:37:49
9Tim JonesMCowley Road Condors01:38:28
10Nick OwenMOutdoor Traders01:38:34
11Matt HermonMMickey Cranks01:39:10
12Martin StanleyMDidcot Phoenix01:39:16
13Tom NightingaleMCowley Road Condors01:39:36
14Paul RenshawMMickey Cranks01:39:37
15Harry JamesMDidcot Phoenix01:40:30
16Katie GrevesFCowley Road Condors01:41:13
17David  BeesleyMBicester Millenium01:41:30
18Mike SimpkinsMMickey Cranks01:42:52
19Nick SandersonMCowley Road Condors01:42:58
20Harvey WeinbergerMGS Henley01:44:53
21Andy PickettMMickey Cranks01:45:02
22Mark HarveyMOutdoor Traders01:45:34
23Dominic SpaldingMMickey Cranks01:47:24
24Deb DavidsonFMickey Cranks01:47:49
25Leigh BlackfordMOxonian01:47:53
26Toby FranksMOutdoor Traders01:48:20
27Sabrina HarrisFOutdoor Traders01:50:27
28Steph FosterFMickey Cranks01:52:10
29Helen KeayFCowley Road Condors01:52:48
30Mike MallalueMBicester Millenium01:53:16
31Aimee JonesFCowley Road Condors01:54:07
32Charlotte DonohueMMickey Cranks01:54:23
33Helena CokerFCowley Road Condors01:54:55
34Becky PuddleFOutdoor Traders01:55:42
35Jules BirchFMickey Cranks01:56:32
36Kate BradleyFMickey Cranks01:56:38
37Jo EdwardsFMickey Cranks01:59:03
38Elenanor LawFCowley Road Condors02:00:46
39Chris LoweMSwindon RC02:00:51
40Tim SmithMOutdoor Traders02:02:54
41Elinor SpencerFOutdoor Traders02:05:25
42Anna KeyFOxonian CC02:10:16
Martin PriorMOxonian CCDNF
Tom BoltonMCowley Road CondorsDNF
Cyndi GohFCowley Road CondorsDNS
Daisy BrownFOutdoor TradersDNS
Pete MedhurstMTeam Jewson – MI RacingDNS
James PitherMMickey CranksDNS
Edmund DixonMBicester MilleniumDNS
Tom BoltonMCowley Road CondorsDNF
Chris BartleyMGS HenleyDNS
Stewart HouseMArctic TacxDNS
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