The race of truth

The time trial is probably the purest test of a rider’s cycling prowess. Nothing but you, your bike, and a course stretching in front of you. Little surprise it’s referred to by commentators as the ‘race of truth’.

It sounds scary, but it shouldn’t be. You will learn more, and progress faster as a cyclist by becoming a regular TT participant. TTs teach you how to measure your reserves, how to control the initial energy in your legs, how to time things so you cross the line knowing you have given your best. All are critical cycling skills that will make you better every time you throw a leg over a bike.

In 2018 we will continue with the format launched in 2017.  We want to continue to encourage as many as possible to participate and raise their game through friendly, stress free competition.

The 2018 GS Henley TT League comprises one Sunday morning time trial each month from March through to September.

Each event will include:

  • On the day brief intro for those who haven’t done it before.
  • class for road bikes– no need for fancy equipment.
  • All run on our local 10 mile course so easy to get to and you will be able to easily measure your progress throughout the year.
  • Prizes in each class at the end of the year.
  • Free for 2018 to club members.

The League will run over the 7 events – participation is required in only 3 to qualify.

Points will be awarded as follows:

1st Place           30 points
2nd place          28 points
3rd                    26
4th                    24
5th                    22
6th                    20
7th                    19
8th                    18

and so on until the points run out.

Best 3 results to count. In the event of a tie, the fourth best result is taken.


Every TT will start at 9 am, following a group ride out to the start from Starbucks.

Sunday 18th March (cancelled, due to snow)
Sunday 15th April
Sunday 13th May
Sunday 3rd June
Sunday 15th July
Sunday 5th August
Sunday 2nd September


The start is on Westacott Way, which is the road from the A4 (near Maidenhead Thicket) leading to the Maidenhead Business Park. The course is H10/2 which can be viewed at


No need to sign up in advance, just turn up on the day. It’s best to arrive around 8:15 so that you have time to warm up.


Anybody over the age of 12 can participate, with a declaration from a parent if you are under 18.

Find out more here:

There is a useful video on YouTube: –

The CTT (Cycling Time Trials) website has information as well, try this to start: