We are developing a strong presence in many of the local road races. Our black and orange kit is regularly to be seen stirring the pace, and we’re very keen to encourage those with the physical capability to jump in and have a go.

Road racing is usually fast and furious, and demands good levels of bike handling and awareness. But the reward is to experience what professional cyclists do for a living: the extraordinary sensation of a flowing, changing peloton in which everyone is working together, and yet everyone wants to win.

When you start racing, it can often be a baptism of fire! But stick with it – the satisfaction of staying with the pace is immense.

You can access the all important GS Henley race calendar here:


Pete Ganderton is our tireless guide for GS Henley members on how to race, how to get started, and which events you’ll find GS Henley team mates. He’ll make sure you are given whatever support we can manage.

For more information contact Pete through roadrace@gshenley.com