Mud, sweat and tears…

An introduction into cyclo-cross

As summer comes to an end many GS Henley members start preparing for an autumn / winter of cyclo-cross racing. High tempo, 1 hr races that offers up just about everything a bike and rider can handle.

Knobbly tyres, mud, short and  sharp off-road races, with hurdles, twists, turns and intense wheel to wheel action. That’s cyclo-cross, a form of off-road racing that was battled out across the UK and Europe way before mountain bikes came along.

The great thing about cyclo-cross is it has to be one of the most accessible forms of cycle sport with racing for everyone from young kids to grandmothers. And it could be taking place in a park near you.

Cyclo-cross venues

Cyclo-cross takes place in venues such as public parks, woodland and other open spaces. Surfaces can include grass, mud, gravel and sand. Courses are short and technical with man made features and plenty of twists and turns. This enables multiple laps to be completed within a set distance. Courses often feature obstacles such as hurdles, steps, bridges and sand pits, dismounting, running and carrying your bike are all skills you will need to learn. Some courses are more ‘technical’ than others, featuring tight single-track trails, tree roots and other obstacles.

Most GS Henley members race in either the: Wessex Cyclo-cross league or the Central Cyclo-cross league

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