The club ride has established itself as a fine tradition of GS Henley. Almost whatever the weather, for the last eight years a group ride has left Starbucks in the town centre every Saturday morning at 8:30am. We’ve survived any amount of rain, temperatures down to -9 degrees Centigrade, hail and even some sunshine.

The club ride is informal – so we welcome people who just want to see what we’re about, or riders from other clubs who happen to be in Henley.

The rides are always cheerful, we help each other with punctures, and for the most part wait to regroup at the top of most hills. A different route is posted on Strava every week. Those arriving outside Starbucks are divided into groups of no more than 8 of roughly equivalent capability, and set off on the route with the fastest groups leaving first. In this way if you drop out of a faster group, you know there should be some company along soon.

Rides last about 3 to 4 hours, covering 80-120 kms. Sometimes they’re hilly, other times flatter – but you can’t go far out of Henley without finding some fine hills! Members get access to a route directory, so you’re never short of inspiration for a ride.

Here are a few examples:

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